Phillies Altherr working with Matt Stairs

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- Matt Stairs, the Phillies' new hitting coach, had 23 pinch-hit homers in his career, the most in Major League history. So he knows something about the challenge of staying sharp while playing only sporadically. Everything can change with an injury, a trade or a slump. At the…

"He's making real good adjustments at the plate right now." --Manager Pete Mackanin, on Aaron Altherr

Matt Stairs is a big part of that.

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  • I think Altherr can be a really good player. He has all the tools.

  • Best move Matt hope it's a great hitting season! Give the guy some pointers he is worth the extra work!!!!

  • Gonna miss Matt's witt but if he can teach guys how to hit will be well worth it.

Get to know Team Puerto Rico before they take the field tonight at Dodger..

Get to know Team Puerto Rico before they take the field tonight at Dodger Stadium. #WBC2017

Be at Dodger Stadium tonight for the World Baseball Classic championship round opener!


Beware, crazy nuts getting into the park tonight, none of the online/ mobile stuff works, so make sure you print your tickets before you come period the box office doesn't wanna print tickets for anybody.
Third-base side field entrance was very rude, but eventually did print tickets so I could go in.

Don't rely on the mobile app, print your tickets at home.

I have two tickets for $100 bucks field level section 27 row F seats 7 and 8 message me for info

Amazin' Auction

Bid now on some Amazin’ Mets experiences, like BP at Citi Field, personalized baseball lessons from some of your favorite Mets and so much more. Proceeds benefit the Mets Foundation.

He has no loyalty to his city, Worst Mayor ever....

only the Mets....

New to the Blue: Drew Smyly

Drew Smyly was a big part of a pennant-winning team. Now, he wants to do it again.


His ERA was 4.88 last year, but all the previous years it was pretty good except the innings pitched were all low. He looks good though so far.

Dear Seattle Mariners, we need great pitchers like Edwin Díaz to play for his country in the WBC if necesary. Please allow him to play in this final game. Puerto Rico will thank you! #letedwinpitch

Slugger notches two hits

Pedro Álvarez homers in #OrangeSpring action vs Red Sox.

If Trumbo is the DH then I think Alvarez is going to be trade bait for a pitcher down the road.

He showed glimpses of his real talent last year and I'd love to see him continue forward. Stay healthy and he's golden.

Padres On Deck: OF Nick Torres

Outfield prospect Nick Torres is a perfect example of how much the Padres farm system has improved in the past year.

Find out where Torres figures to play this season as the next Padre on deck!

Cal Poly represent!

Great job Nick Torres,

That feeling when you're playing in the World Baseball Classic semifinals...That feeling when you're playing in the World Baseball Classic semifinals. Tune in to watch Frankie, Perez and Team Puerto Rico tonight at 9 pm on MLB Network!
Two Weeks. #OpeningDay - Detroit TigersTwo Weeks. #OpeningDay

The 2017 season is here

It's about that time. #RaysUp

Since Longoria start using those yellow gloves he was hitting the ball super good . Let's give a pair of those gloves to everyone in the team.

So ready! Let's go! This is good stuff right here!