Reds rally after Hammel, Rookie Davis duel

RECAP: O'Hearn homers, drives in three in loss to Reds. #RoyalsST

RECAP: O'Hearn homers, drives in three in loss to Reds. #RoyalsST

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  • The Reds did what the ROYALS were good at! They scored 6 in the 8th! I was impressed with Eric Stout. Apparently Strahm(?) has been really good before today.

  • Who was pitching the 13 batter, 8 run 8th?!? Soria? Lol... But really? Ouch

  • Please come to Florida next year for spring training.
    Love, a Royals fan who moved to Florida

Cueto allows 1 hit, Ryder Jones hits 3-run HR

Johnny Cueto throws 5 strong innings in #SFGSpring win!

Rotation of Madison, Johnny, Matt Moore is set. The Shark who knows what you get on a given start (right now nothing). 5th arm should be Blach.
Best chance of winning over the 162 game schedule.

so WBC for our wild pick up since Hunter....

Lopez strikes out 4

Reynaldo Lopez tosses 6 scoreless innings for #WhiteSox. #SoxSpringTraining

We have a bright future it appears. May take a few years of bad though which I'm good with

Really good to see the prospects we picked up for Sale and Eaton are performing at a high level.

Ausmus challenging Castellanos to bat second

"Nick's done a lot of things well," Brad Ausmus said. "He's hit the ball. He's run really well. He's been aggressive on the bases. And I know he wants to hit second."

You can't have a slow runner at one or two. Sorry but baseball 101 says this is a bad move. They need to go get a fast CF to hit leadoff and Kinsler should be 2nd. Kinsler hit too many solo Hrs last year and that's because he is leadoff.

I say go for it..:-)

The batting order (should) be

1) Kinsler
2) Nick
3) Miggy
4) JD
5) VMart
6) Upton
7) McCann
8) Mahtook//Collins//Jones
9) Iglesias

Idk about you guys but I think we need to Split Miggy & VMart up.

Mariners Mondays: Undefeated Road Trip

Sure it's an off day, but there's still #Mariners Baseball on TV.

Catch #Mariners Mondays at 7 on ROOT SPORTS | Northwest Region for a huge road trip from 2016. #KeepFighting

On an unrelated note; I fully expect Giancarlo Stanton to be indicted on federal murder charges for killing that baseball on live TV the other night.

Dear Seattle Mariners, we need great pitchers like Edwin Díaz to play for his country in the WBC if necesary. Please allow him to play in this final game. Puerto Rico will thank you! #letedwinpitch

Being happy, respecting others and giving 100% is the foundation of Yangervis..

Being happy, respecting others and giving 100% is the foundation of Yangervis Solarte's everyday mentality.

Always loved the passion he plays with. Future is bright for this team

Solarte is one of my favorite Padres to watch.

We're 2 weeks away from filling this..

We're 2 weeks away from filling this place up!

So EXCITED!!! I'm coming out to Boston for my 40th and taking my father-in-law to the Yankee game on the 27th! First time for us in Boston, and my FIL's been a fan since Yaz! Can't wait to get out there and pay homage at the altar! Keep the dogs hot and the beer cold 'til we get there!

Get your $200 hot dog here! How bout a warm foreign owned Budweiser for $330 here!
No thanks.
If someone throws me a free set of tickets l will drop in and watch a few innings, but i don't pay for bloated salaries for grown men playing kids games

Phillies Altherr working with Matt Stairs

"He's making real good adjustments at the plate right now." --Manager Pete Mackanin, on Aaron Altherr

Matt Stairs is a big part of that.

I think Altherr can be a really good player. He has all the tools.

Best move Matt hope it's a great hitting season! Give the guy some pointers he is worth the extra work!!!!