1-On-1: Brandon Carr Chose Ravens For Their Defensive Dominance

After signing his four-year contract, the veteran talked about why Baltimore was a good fit for him and what he can bring to the Ravens secondary.

Sounds like he'll fit in just fine around here.

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  • Why is everyone trashing this guy already..? Every corner has gotten burned.. OBJ would never make that catch again.. Carr was brought into the org due to his durability. Let them man prove himself first.

  • A $13million dollar DB isn't worth anything if he's missing games and out against top tier opponents. Carr shows up to play and stays healthy. That's a pretty good starting point in my book.

  • ▀ No long term Risk with Carr . Read the details before complaining.

    "The structure shows that it’s a one-year, $6 million contract with a team-held option for each of the next three years of what could be a four-year, $23 "


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#FirstDayOfSpring means we're another day closer to football. #HereWeGo#FirstDayOfSpring means we're another day closer to football. #HereWeGo