Five Things To Know About Linebacker Jelani Jenkins

Linebacker Jelani Jenkins The Oakland Raiders offense has acquired some new faces during the free agency period, from tight end Jared Cook to wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson , the team has loaded up on that side of the ball. While the offense has benefitted from free agency, the defense just rec...

Get to know our new signee Jelani Jenkins.

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  • I looked his highlights up on youtube he looked pretty impressive the only thing is the highlights were from 2014 I didn't see any other highlights. However in Reggie I trust. Go Raiders

  • Raider nation you guy cry to much. Reggie knows what he is doing if not we would be on 16years of bad football!!!!

  • I think people forget the Raiders have to give both Derek Carr and Khalil Mack a new juicy contract after this year #MoneyMangament

Chargers Sign RB Kenjon Barner

The speedy Barner is fresh off his best season in the NFL.

Well IF Gordon goes down again. We have him. I like it. This teams growing into a playoff contender i just wish you salty sorry excuse for SD "fans" would just get over yourself. Yeah it hurts but they are still the Chargers GET OVER IT.

LOS ANGELES or SAN DIEGO ill always and forever will be a diehard rather the record is 0 16 or 16 0

Coulda sworn it was sproles when I seen the 43 the other way around 😶

The Squeeze: 'Drake's got some on this album!'

Some of the #Broncos were feeling "More Life" over the weekend 👇

Stick to football stuff

Please don't post about drake.
Sincerely, Denver Broncos Fans

[VIDEO] TE Brandon Williams glad to be back in the midwest

Brandon Williams is ready to join Erik Swoope and Jack Doyle on offense:

It's a good move. We've always been a 3 te team and while Doyle and Swope are obviously our future, having a vet like this work with them will be a positive

They are creating a competitive atmosphere where if you are the best player at that position you start. No more just because you have "traditionally" started in the past.. this is what the patriots do. It keeps everyone playing 100%

Jets Sign Veteran QB Josh McCown

Welcome Josh McCown to the #Jets!

I'm clocking out of the Jets for a while.

Am I the only one that thinks this is a good decision given the current market? Sure he's not going to help us win now but he will be a cheap bridge and a good mentor for hopefully one of our future qbs. Tony romo or kaepernick were not going to make this team competitive

We have signed guard Oday Aboushi.    Aboushi has allowed only 4 sacks..We have signed guard Oday Aboushi. Aboushi has allowed only 4 sacks or QB hits on 287 snaps during which the QB held the ball for more than 2.0 seconds. 📰 |
#MathieuMondays - Arizona Cardinals#MathieuMondays

Welcome to #SteelersNation - Knile and..

Welcome to #SteelersNation, Knile and Coty! #HereWeGo

They may develop into better players. The defense looked pretty good until the Patriots of course. During the 8 game streak they played good. They also lost Heyward. Burns and Davis are going to be stars. We do need a stud to replace Harrison and a talented CB from the draft.

Everyone look for a new page called Dan's Pittsburgh Steelers News. It's a page that gives scores, transactions, and much more on the Steelers. It's all real news! Love to have ya!!!

We have re-signed TE Luke Willson. #GoHawks    |We have re-signed TE Luke Willson. #GoHawks 📰 |
Who are you going to pick to double? Chris Baker? Gerald McCoy?Who are you going to pick to double? Chris Baker? Gerald McCoy?