Get ready for #PackersCamp! ,,Full schedule :

Get ready for #PackersCamp! 🏈🚲 Full schedule πŸ—“:

Get ready for #PackersCamp! 🏈🚲

Full schedule πŸ—“:

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  • Winnipeg Canada's biggest GBPackers fan. Can't wait.

    Went to Lambeau 3 year's ago... Never forget how amazing Green Bay ppl where. I'm hoping to come back next year!!!!

  • Well, I have to say have never really rooted for the Packers...but since you guys drafted our very own hometown hero, Devante Mays, that changes everything...Livingston's own success story!!!! So proud of him!!!

  • I have to say during free agency i was concerned, we lost several key players. Then guys slowly but surely guys began to be signed, and then a home run was hit and the few holes that needed to be filled were done so with guys that will be ready day 1. It's a long season but if the team can stay relatively healthy, i have no doubt this group of men, led by the best in Aaron Rogers, i believe the Super Bowl is within their grasp. Good luck and stay healthy.

Stay focused. #MondayMotivation - Green Bay PackersStay focused. #MondayMotivation