Lorenzo Alexander ranked 3rd in the NFL in converting pressure to sacks


They say pressure makes diamonds. In Lorenzo Alexander's case, pressure makes sacks.

Lawlor: Four Role Players To Watch In 2017

Philadelphia Eagles

In order for the team to be really good, you need role players to do their part...

Meet The Rookies: Mitchell Trubisky

Chicago Bears

Trubisky: "Iā€™m a nasty competitor so Iā€™m going to try and win at all costs."

Watch 'Meet The Rookies.'

Bills Top 10 Series Premiere: Offensive Players

Buffalo Bills

Who are the top 10 offensive players in Bills history?

Tonight. 9 pm. MSG. We reveal the list.

Bruce Smith Highlights

Buffalo Bills

"Real humans don't do these kind of things to get to the quarterback."

That's Bruce Smith for you. Happy birthday to the NFL's Sack King, BRUUUUUUUUUCE!

New Bills bucket hats in stock

Buffalo Bills

It's bucket hat season!


Jacksonville Jaguars



Jaguars Stache Dash 5K ā€“ 1st Place Sports

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Jacksonville Jaguars

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Stay focused. #MondayMotivation - Green Bay PackersStay focused. #MondayMotivation