PHOTOS: Rams Free Agent Additions

Check out some of the best photos of the newest additions to the Los Angeles Rams.

Seven Rams Free Agent Additions

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  • Great moves Rams. All these free agent additions will contribute and bring Veteran Leadership. Moving in the right direction. GO RAMS!

  • We lost out on our center. Buffalo matched. We need a good one badly. #mangold

  • The 7 are.. Whitworth, Woods, Webster, Barwin, Dunbar, Murray, Zuerlein. Yes Zuerlein was already with us but he was a fa and we signed him. This is indeed the 7 they are referring to.

Bears re-sign Prosinski to one-year deal

Prosinski played in all 16 games last season finishing third in special-teams tackles with seven.

Bears can have five pro bowl players on offense and defense and the fans will still cry about giving up yards on special teams lol. Crybabies πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜­πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜­

The amount of support for the team is overwhelming... you guys are the best fans in the world πŸ˜’

1-On-1: Brandon Carr Chose Ravens For Their Defensive Dominance

Sounds like he'll fit in just fine around here.

Yeah Brandon they have a history of defensive dominance but ray lewis, ed reed, chris mcalister, haloti ngata and other ravens greats aren't there anymore. Lol

Carr makes me nervous. Yeah he's never missed a game, but OBJ owns him. We face AJ Green and AB twice a year. Get another corner in the draft.

Cardinals Looking For Leaders

β€œWhen you are building a 53-man roster, there are so many things that go into it. ... Not just your ability to play the position but what you bring to the locker room."

Some of you have no faith in the team I don't know how some call themselves fans I would rather have a veteran leader on the team than an unproven rookie I expect the best every year even if it don't play out like we hope got love for the red birds

Signing over the hill players that are a step slower won't help our team either. We need to take chances, we have a chance to take Dak Prescott on last year's draft, we even worked him out but failed to pulled the trigger and now we are back on square one on looking for QBOTF.

Video Highlights: Brandon Williams

See our new TE Brandon Williams in action:

I think those are all of his career catches. Not impressed with what the new GM has done so far. Signed a bunch of back ups but no difference makers anywhere.

It's just a depth signing for cheap. Almost all of these FA signings have been for bodies to create competition among younger players. Our D isn't one or two big playmakers away from championship level and there's no sense in mortgaging our future away on defense right now for a few good players when we're dying for depth and starters across the whole defense.

Five Things To Know About Long Snapper Jon Condo

Get to know our veteran long snapper Jon Condo better.

Raiders fan S love their longsnapper, but cut him first on Madden. FACT

And he wanted to stay in Oakland...all that matters to me.

Bashaud Breeland Looking To 'Get Back To The Basics' In 2017

In the final year of his rookie contract, #Redskins CB Bashaud Breeland wants to get "back to the basics" and focus on just "playing ball."

I'm firmly in his corner. He took some lumps last year after 2 very solid seasons, like a delayed sophomore slump. His best ball came later in the season and based on his overall body of work I see no reason not to expect him to rebound this year. He's a competitor, I love his tenacity!

Whiny social media Redskins fan(s): Cut Breeland, he sucks.
[imaginary future] : Redskins don't offer Breeland a contract.
Whiny social media Redskins fan(s): Good. He sucked.
[imaginary future] : Breeland signs with an NFC team which beats the Redskins and knocks them from the playoffs.
(the same) Whiny social media Redskins fan(s): Fire Bruce Allen because he let Breeland go. He was good.

#FirstDayOfSpring means we're another day closer to football. #HereWeGo#FirstDayOfSpring means we're another day closer to football. #HereWeGo
The Vinekings is one of the finalists for the 2017 Shorty Awards.  :The Vinekings is one of the finalists for the 2017 Shorty Awards. πŸ“°:

Texans Breakdown: Linebackers

Texans linebackers played well last season, so what can we expect in 2017?

We can expect Rick Smith to fvck things up as usual. We need a new GM. Can we trade for NE's GM that would really help the Texans bring a super bowl to Houston.

Move Cushing back to strongside since he's slowing down but still a strong run stopper and blitzer, replacing Simon. Then draft a hybrid lb/s who can cover to play the middle. Easy Peasy.