Redskins Hope Ryan Grant Takes Advantage Of More Opportunities

Entering his fourth season in Washington, Ryan Grant has his best opportunity to date to have a big part in the offense after playing mostly a blocker role in 2016.

"That’s the big thing is opportunities."

With ability to play all WR positions, #Redskins head coach Jay Gruden hoping Ryan Grant takes advantage of potential for more playing time.


Latest Comments
  • Always about the route running.... I still don't forget the "Ryan Grant loss" when he had a catch turned into a pick6....

  • Grant is no Crowder - and Crowder isn't even mentioned in this crap article. Ryan Grant is, at best, a 4th or 5th receiver...and he better step the hell up on special teams or he is of no use at all.

  • And the off season hero strikes again- trey are infatuated with him. Sucks during game. Falls down, doesn't line up proper or run correct routes. Geeze

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