Turn out the lights, the party's over

The you know what stops now

"Vic, you’ve taught me so much more than I could ever imagine about football."

Writing for the #Packers since 2011, Vic Ketchman answers fan questions one last time in today's Insider Inbox 📬

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  • While Vic certainly had some interesting points, to me he was simply a Ted Thompson mega-fan/cheerleader. I addressed Vic several times pointing out the FACT that Ted Thompson inherited Favre and tried his best to ‘trade out’ of the Aaron Rogers pick. In 17 years as a GM (12 Pack ; 5 Seattle) Ted has only 1 Superbowl appearance despite incredible luck at the most important position – QB. Belichick, Elway, Colbert, Newsome and Reese all have more SB appearances than Ted without nearly the breaks Thompson has got. Vic would predictably duck the question of Teddy T’s accountability!!
    To me Vic often dumbed down fan knowledge as to the glaring deficiencies in the Packer roster and was a walking talking buffer zone for the much needed accountability of Thompsons rosters. I will not miss him at all in regard to accurate football knowledge; and his smug one-liner’s benefit no one’s football knowledge.

  • "There’s only one guarantee in this league: You will lose. All teams eventually lose, and most of them lose often." Vic Ketchman

    This answer really helped me come to balance.

  • There’s something about touching the fabric on which the word is written that allows the word to touch you. -Vic Ketchman

    He certainly had a way with words. Vic's insight changed much more than just the way I experienced football. He did that for a lot of us.