[VIDEO] TE Brandon Williams glad to be back in the midwest

Brandon Williams is ready to join Erik Swoope and Jack Doyle on offense:

Brandon Williams is ready to join Erik Swoope and Jack Doyle on offense:

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  • It's a good move. We've always been a 3 te team and while Doyle and Swope are obviously our future, having a vet like this work with them will be a positive

  • They are creating a competitive atmosphere where if you are the best player at that position you start. No more just because you have "traditionally" started in the past.. this is what the patriots do. It keeps everyone playing 100%

  • This is fine with me. Can use one of our later picks on defense..maybe a wr or o lineman now.

Jets Sign Veteran QB Josh McCown

Welcome Josh McCown to the #Jets!

I'm clocking out of the Jets for a while.

Am I the only one that thinks this is a good decision given the current market? Sure he's not going to help us win now but he will be a cheap bridge and a good mentor for hopefully one of our future qbs. Tony romo or kaepernick were not going to make this team competitive

Welcome to #SteelersNation - Knile and..

Welcome to #SteelersNation, Knile and Coty! #HereWeGo

They may develop into better players. The defense looked pretty good until the Patriots of course. During the 8 game streak they played good. They also lost Heyward. Burns and Davis are going to be stars. We do need a stud to replace Harrison and a talented CB from the draft.

Everyone look for a new page called Dan's Pittsburgh Steelers News. It's a page that gives scores, transactions, and much more on the Steelers. It's all real news! Love to have ya!!!

Vote for Odell Beckham Jr. as 2016's best catch

Vote for OBJ in NFL Network's "GMFB Tournament of Catches"!

Def Don't think that was the best catch of 2016... But non-the-kess Check out the New York Giants Quiz!!! Its Tough so bring your A-GAME!!https://www.sportoversy.com/quizzes

Not to sure about his best catches, but I could tell you about his game changing drops, lol. Think Green Bay, January 5th, first quarter, later that day, a hole in the locker room wall. Let the circus begin with him and Marshall.

#MathieuMondays - Arizona Cardinals#MathieuMondays
We have re-signed TE Luke Willson. #GoHawks    |We have re-signed TE Luke Willson. #GoHawks 📰 | http://shwks.com/4q5x

Saints Schedule Challenge

Predict the Saints schedule for a chance to win tickets, autographed gear, field passes and more!

I predict Tom Brady to Cooks for 2 long TD's in the dome on a Sunday night or Monday night game.

When will season ticket waiting list send out updates for place in line?

5 Things To Know About Quarterback EJ Manuel

Get to know our newest signee EJ Manuel.

5 Things To Know: http://rdrs.co/EEnU3v

Y'all acting like he's gonna start... lol. Calm down. He's a 3rd string backup. He's better than McGroin... and we got him for dirt cheap I would imagine

Fans are acting like we are going to replace Carr or something. Lol. He's a backup people! Wish we had him last year. Reggie just got a cheap back up since Cook isn't ready yet.

Who are you going to pick to double? Chris Baker? Gerald McCoy?Who are you going to pick to double? Chris Baker? Gerald McCoy?
The bromance is real.   #RavensFlock - Baltimore RavensThe bromance is real. #RavensFlock