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Nashville Predators Timeline

Starting with Dec. 18, 1996, study more than 20 years of Predators history with an interactive timeline.

Explore 20 seasons of Predators hockey with our new interactive timeline!

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  • Patty Cavanah, is that you?

Edmonton is home

"We planted our roots here."

That's what I loved about Edmonton when I moved here over 20 years ago too. People are so friendly and it has that small town feeling.

Look at those precious babies!!! Thank you Cam, for a MOST AMAZING season, last year!!! I can't wait for hockey to start again!!!! 🏒🏒🏒😁

Reserve the InsideSource Plaza for your next group outing!,,Exclusive lounge:,25-200..

Reserve the InsideSource Plaza for your next group outing!

Exclusive lounge:✅
25-200 fans:✅
#SJSharks hockey:✅


Fancy accommodations!

Tierra Sangiacomo hells yes

Postseason Rewind: Singing the Playoff Blues

#TBT (video) to the Preds advancing to the conference final for the first time.

I got to see game 3 of that series.....the playoffs were so much freaking fun!

The one game I got to attend! Worth it

Tag yourself in the photo. We're the fan pointing at Couture! #tbt

Tag yourself in the photo. We're the fan pointing at Couture! #tbt

I miss those uniforms.

Altex Trebek...

Dylan Larkin 2016-17 Season Highlights

#RedWings By The Numbers: Dylan Larkin's season review. #LGRW #LarkWeek

More: http://redwn.gs/2vCpc4H

Leah apparently he lives on my street! I gotta find out where and I'll let you know!

Although I've been away from HockeyTown for many years now, it's great to see new, young talent carrying on the tradition of he Winged Wheel... for me it was Stevie Yzerman, Johnny O., Shanny, Jimmy Rutherford & Cujo, the Bruise Brothers, Vlady and the Russian Five, the you get the drift.. the torch has truly been passed... LGRW!!

Q&A with Oliver Bjorkstrand

"As far as personal goals I don't have any. Obviously I want to score goals and all of that, but my first focus is to make the team and help the team out in any way I can."

If this guy takes the next step, this team will have one of the best top lines in the NHL next year.

Words can't even describe how proud of you I am 🤗

Canucks make coaching change, add experience in offseason

After the NHL Draft, free agency and other offseason moves, NHL.com is taking a look at where each team stands. Today, the Vancouver Canucks:

The #Canucks finished last season with the second-fewest points in the NHL, missing the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But they have refused to sit back and watch, responding with a flurry of off-season activity.

I like what the Canucks have done. None of the moves are gonna make them much better than last season, but it makes it so we dont have to throw guys like Juolevi and Dahlen into such a terrible team and let them develop in what should be a winning enviroment in Utica. Gagner is coming off a career high in points and adds much needed depth in centre, Del Zotto will help a PP that needed help and Nilsson will be a good back up. All these guys didnt cost that much either and by the time their contracts are done, Pettersson, Gaudette and Juolevi should be ready.

We can suffer through one or two more bad seasons, it'll be worth it.

I don't know how they can put Erikson as a lock in the line-up. talk about a total and complete waste of money. No production, no effort, no leadership. And Dejardins is the main reason we lost Tryampkin. He showed good improvement, especially a offensive upside, but their coach just kept trotting out the same non-productive players in all situations and not opening the doors to other players. The prospects and acquisitions are interesting and seem positive if not immediate. Dorsett I wouldn't waste space in a lineup for if any of the younger players show promise. Never impressed by him in any capacity.

Getting To Know: Cam Morrison

"They definitely put us through some tough things, but it's all in good measure because we want to develop as players...

They really treat us like world-class players."