LA Kings Announce Available and Protected Lists for NHL Expansion Draft

The LA Kings protected 9 players from the Expansion Draft! Take a look at the players that are available to be selected by the Vegas Golden Knights now.

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  • I don't want to see Brown go, even though he's not playing as good as he can he's part of the Kings

  • Please "Hockey Gods" for the love of all things holy, do NOT take Lewis...please.

  • Both Brown and Gaborik have expensive contracts, so I don't see them being picked up, but either would give a lot of cap relief. Brown is as everyone knows just not himself and Gaborik has been often injured and not the same player they signed. The only way Gaborik is taken is if there are no elite scoring threats out there from other teams. So I'm not sure who goes because it's just so complex based on who is available from other teams as they might just fill a slot based on what position needs to be filled.

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Connor's #FathersDay throwback with his dad Brian!Connor's #FathersDay throwback with his dad Brian!
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