Alexis - It’s all about your mentality

The Chile international discusses the end to the season and how the team needs to approach each game they play

When Alexis Sanchez talks, we listen...

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  • If Stan Kroenke is reading this I would urge him to stop being a selfish, arrogant and stubborn man and accept Alisher Usmanov's offer. It has been clear ever since Kroenke came to the club that he has no interest in the football side of things and only the cash rewards of it. Well he has a chance to make a huge profit now and hand it over to a man who wants trophies and not profit. Please Mr Kroenke do the decent thing and sell. We do not want you at this club anymore. It is time you finally put the happiness of the fans ahead of your own greedy interests.

  • And when he talks about money, Arsenal should listen

  • And sadly the mentality of our knobheads is to suddenly come to life when the pressure is off. Been happening for years but this time it's too little too late. There will be no Middlesbrough or Watford miracle and Yesterday's Man needs to dust down his maps of Moldova and Cyprus ready for Thursday night football