Star with the players in a Spurs model shoot!

Calling all Junior members! You could win a place in a photoshoot with the players at the Training Centre!

Calling all Junior members! You could win a place in a photoshoot with the players at the Training Centre!

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  • Unfortunately the shoot is not during our school holidays 😖

  • Tim Marshall we could enter Harrison xx

  • 😊 ⚽

Seamus Coleman meets Everton's Down Syndrome team

💙 In celebration of World Down Syndrome Day, Seamus Coleman met participants from Everton in the Community’s Down syndrome team to take part in a game of football. #wdsd17 #lotsofsocks

Read more about Seamus Coleman's Everton in the Community visit:

Why do I support Everton.
If you live close to Stanley Park it's evident what matters most about both teams.
Around Anfield stadium houses are knocked down to make way for a larger stand, LFC new shop and shops and restaurants are to be built.. which is gr8 but it's all business!

Around Goodison a new 6th form sports college and Everton have a community base much higher than Liverpool.

As far as I'm
Concerned, ya can have all the silver in the world! But if you don't look after the community that respects you. What "Club" are you?


Yoshida: Second half is how we should play

As always, Maya Yoshida gives an honest assessment of Southampton FC's latest outing:

this player has really grown on me he understands the southampton way

Cheating Spuds, always get a penalty, but never an inquest !

2️⃣3️⃣ Eriksen-sen-sen! 2️⃣3️⃣ - Tottenham Hotspur2️⃣3️⃣ Eriksen-sen-sen! 2️⃣3️⃣
️  Today, we had the pleasure of meeting both John and Phillip. Two Stoke..🔴⚪️ Today, we had the pleasure of meeting both John and Phillip. Two Stoke City supporters who have renewed their season tickets for 80th year. The two had never met before today, as they shared plenty of Potters memories. We will have videos coming up this week. #DEVOT10N

Curtis Jones' Magic Feet

Curtis Jones working wonders! 👏
Best bits from the U18s' win over Blackburn:

Marc Glasgow maybe the new lallana hopefully he can score sitters

I don't understand Liverpool fans always wanting not so special young players to be given a chance when Raheem Sterling was in the youth side we all knew he was good enough for the first team I don't know what you guys are thinking but you don't see other big clubs having pressure to play youth players unless they are truly worldclass

Everton's Ultimate Chef In Support of HIWTHI

David Unsworth, Leon Osman and Peter Reid will put their cooking skills to the test in support of ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’.

Did we tell Ossy he was going to do this or wait to he finds out online ???

Osman looks different.

AFC Bournemouth commemorate historic 1986/87 Division Three title win with unique event

AFC Bournemouth paid tribute to the 1986/87 title winning team on the 30th anniversary of one of the club's finest achievements!

It was a pity that the AFC Bournemouth team of today did not come and meet and greet the team from thirty years ago and recognise their fantastic achievements
What they achieved then was just as tough as what the team of today has achieved even though they are brilliant 🍒

I remember being there with Julie Prole absolute fantastic days n the players would spend with us in the bar after always a great day out even bunking off school on a Wednesday afternoon to watch the reserves 😃 x

Rashford: Why I idolise Wayne Rooney

Read a revealing and insightful interview with Marcus Rashford, as he opens up about his United and England team-mate...

Mourinho's Manchester Utd team is currently scheduled to play ;

1.West Bromwich Albion (April 1),
2.Everton (April 4),
3.Sunderland (April 9),
4.Anderlecht (April 13),
5.Chelsea (April 16),
6.Anderlecht (April 20),
7.Burnley (April 23)
8.Manchester city (April 27)
9.Swansea City (April 30).

Like if you know we'll win All

What an incredible story. He going to make one fine biography book one day. I hope he stays Red. Cheers for Marcus Rashford

Watch with: Marlon Harewood

That's one way to react to Lanzini's free-kick, Marlon.... 😂

Watch the full video below!

Marlon famously scored THAT goal against Wigan that let Palace into the play-offs: everyone saw the writing on the wall, Palace got to the final and done us. Only at West Ham...