The Data Day: Stoke City v Chelsea

Our second consecutive away league win was thoroughly merited according to the statistics from the game...

The Blues were dominant on Saturday. 👌

Take a look at the stats... 👇

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  • Would we expect anything less? Chelsea is a BEAST this season! #respectconte

  • Only stat that matters now is the score. I've seen Chelsea too many times dominate the game but end up with a draw or even worse a loss. Just keep winning Blues.
    I love these stats sure. But we won't with a late goal. We need to dominate the scoresheet from here on out.

  • Am not depending on diego costa again rather than pedro hazard and willian cus costa is dull nawa day's so we bether look for hot and sharp strikers next season cus my next target is uefa champions league well don conte

Under-18s: Winning warm up for cup final with Cheltenham win

UNDER-18s: The youth team gave themselves the perfect setting for tomorrow's cup final with an away win on Saturday.

More here;

Is that the best picture you could find? Shirt pulling in the under-18s.

The linesman though :) great picture.

Spring Equinox!

🌗 It's the #SpringEquinox! Get your Spurs gear for the summer! 🌗 #COYS

- <3 Hihee :3 =)))

✌ #طہٰلقہٰه يہٰآإ خہٰآأل 🔞 رآإقہٰ۫ب آإلہٰ۫تہٰ۫فہٰ۫آإعہٰ۫ل بہٰ۫صہٰ۫مہٰ۫ت 💝


Antonio Valencia: The man who never stops running

“With such a taxing schedule at home and abroad, the Ecuadorian defies belief with his performances...”

Most consistent player for utd this year. Man of the season for me...

Best right back in the league and one of the best in world! And deffo Man of the season for Utd, he's got great consistency and works so hard! 100% every match!

BACK OF THE NET! 10 - Darren Bradley v Wolves 1993

BACK OF THE NET! A top ten of Albion goals to tide you over during the international break.


Haha great line:
"A throw-in in front of the Halfords Lane faithful found its way to Cyrille Regis, doing missionary work for the less fortunate by that stage of his career"

Still my favorite goal of all time!! the Brummie Road end went mad i found myself 2 terraces down from where i started good times!! Gary Prothero Chris Dowdeswell

Travelling Jacks: Bournemouth v Swansea

Can you spot yourself amongst the Swansea faithful at the Vitality Stadium? 👀


Yes! 👍I am the one walking on my own... My wife and daughter disowned me for 5 minutes!

Hayley Elliott No because we were too late

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QUIZ: Who's That Hammer?

Can you really get all 🔟 right? 👀

I got 8/10, which is probably a better performance than most of these guys put in.

managed to get 7...but,if i'm honest..did have to guess a couple ;)

Saints triumph against Hull City

#OnThisDay five years ago, Southampton FC took a giant step towards the Premier League with a 2-0 win at Hull Tigers:

Great game, and an awesome atmosphere amongst the almost 2,000 saints fans that made the long Tuesday night trip up there, including myself.

This was the game I really started believing we were going to do it.