Roger Federer with ROLEX.

Thank you ROLEX for helping me along the journey!

Thank you ROLEX for helping me along the journey!

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  • He made his titles playing cupcakes. His championship run from 2004-2007 featured him as the top player, along with Roddick and Hewitt as two and three. Federer won his titles in the weakest playing field ever. So go ahead and say you witnessed the best, if it helps you sleep at night. Lol

  • Dear Roger, Antonio and I are your top italian fans. We were asking ourselves if you can give us one of your rolex (signed). We'll sure appreciate. Thank you, King <3

  • I can't explain what you make me feel when you won Wimbly yesterday. You'll always be the best and I'm so proud to be your fan. Proud to choice you as my idol. Te amo! A big kiss from BR 💗


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Rafael Nadal - 2017-7-17 22:51
#proud  - Andy Murray#proud 😊