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Liverpool FC Photo 2018-04-20 15:30

'To influence the team a bit more, to have that bit more authority in the changing room and have a bit more of an impact on the pitch.'

Trent is striving on a daily basis to achieve the target he set himself back at the beginning of the season ➡️ bit.ly/2JZA2ZT

Arcangel Photo 2018-04-20 15:26

Cojones + sabiduría y humildad hace hombres GRANDIOSOS. Pdt: solo el que me conoce sabe lo qué hay en mi corazón! Amor y Paz para mis hermanos. Disciplina, distancia y categoría con los del otro bando. #DIME #ARES 96%

Kayaking in bioluminescent waters! - Diply Places 2018-04-20 15:00

Kayaking in bioluminescent waters!: Go kayaking in bioluminescent waters!
A big thanks to Mike Corey for the footage: <span data-link="https://bit.ly/2HH1ZER" class="vlink" rel="nofollow">https://bit.ly/2HH1ZER</span> + <span data-link="https://bit.ly/2C3ajPk" class="vlink" rel="nofollow">https://bit.ly/2C3ajPk</span>

Maite Perroni Photo 2018-04-20 14:08

Carlos Baute Juhn 'El All Star' #MaiteDescubreQuiénEsEse

Spotify: <span data-link="https://spoti.fi/2vbXVK3" class="vlink" rel="nofollow">https://spoti.fi/2vbXVK3</span>
YouTube: <span data-link="https://bit.ly/2H4aSqV" class="vlink" rel="nofollow">https://bit.ly/2H4aSqV</span>

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Photo 2018-04-20 14:02

L'Amour is from a series of 12 etchings entitled 'La Femme'. Here, viewed in profile, a woman embraces a man who leans against a door at right. Behind them is a balcony which looks out onto a body of water; a small boat sails across the water toward the horizon. <span data-link="https://met.org/2HiASPi" class="vlink" rel="nofollow">https://met.org/2HiASPi</span>

Featured Artwork of the Day: Paul-Albert Besnard (French, 1849–1934) | Love | 1885-87