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SC Corinthians Paulista Video 2017-08-17 01:00

No último fim de semana, o ídolo Marcelinho Carioca esteve no Parque São Jorge para o evento 'Uh, Marcelinho!', especial de Dia dos Pais. O Pé de Anjo deu uma palestra no Teatro Omni Corinthians e ensinou cobranças de faltas aos torcedores do Timão. Confira!

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HDFC Bank with Hrishika Hadkar. - HDFC Bank 2017-08-15 07:33

Nothing is more precious than freedom to live as one wishes. We wish you a #HappyIndependenceDay. "I’m 25 and I’ve been married since a year now even though I never thought I'd marry so young — I’m the first of all my friends to be a Mrs! We’ve always lived near by, so we’ve known of each other but not well. When we met properly at a social gathering, I’d just started working and was enjoying my newly found independence. It was an instant connection — we just hit it off so well that right from the word go, we knew it was meant to be . When you know, you just know so why wait to tie the knot, right? But I had so many apprehensions. Questions like, ’Do I want to marry so young with barely any savings?’ , ‘What about the wedding expenses?’ ‘If I use up all my savings now, what about any future needs?’ Most importantly I wondered, if I wanted my parents to pay such a large amount because they were happy to do it, but after a point, it seemed silly to worry about the wedding expenses more than the wedding itself. I decided that I didn’t want to depend on anyone else for anything. I decided to apply for a loan and take the responsibility upon myself as much as possible. Getting the loan was easy — It didn't cover all the expenses, but covered enough for me to feel good about myself and the wedding. There's a tremendous joy in being self-sufficient & independent — I don’t think i’ve ever felt as empowered.” The above story has been curated by Humans of Bombay. Stay tuned for more stories of those who started living up their life. Stop Thinking, #StartDoing with HDFC Bank.