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Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island - 1-800-Flowers.com 2017-08-17 20:43

#TBT to last week when we had the honor of volunteering at the amazing Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island for one of our #SummerOfAMillionSmiles volunteer initiatives to give back and deliver smiles in our local communities. We had a blast designing flower smiley faces with the campers! πŸ™‚πŸŒΌ


1-800-Flowers.com Photo 2017-08-15 14:30

A #birthday cake without the calories? Just another reason why we love this #flowercake!

β€” Products shown: Birthday Wishes Flower Cakeβ„’ Purple.
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Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY - Huawei Mobile 2017-08-21 13:34

πŸ“Έαƒ˜αƒ›αƒαƒ’αƒ–αƒαƒ£αƒ αƒ” , დააგროვე αƒšαƒαƒ›αƒαƒ–αƒ˜ αƒ›αƒαƒ’αƒαƒœαƒ”αƒ‘αƒ”αƒ‘αƒ˜ და ოαƒ₯რობ αƒ¬αƒ£αƒ—αƒ”αƒ‘αƒ˜ Huawei P10/P10 Plus-αƒ˜αƒ‘ Leica-αƒ‘αƒ—αƒαƒœ αƒ¨αƒ”αƒ›αƒ£αƒ¨αƒαƒ•αƒ”αƒ‘αƒ£αƒš 20mp+12mp αƒšαƒ˜αƒœαƒ–αƒ”αƒ‘αƒ—αƒαƒœ ერთად.πŸ”† βœ¨αƒαƒ₯αƒͺαƒ˜αƒ” αƒ§αƒαƒ•αƒ”αƒšαƒ˜ αƒ™αƒαƒ“αƒ αƒ˜ αƒ“αƒαƒ£αƒ•αƒ˜αƒ¬αƒ§αƒαƒ  αƒ›αƒαƒ›αƒ”αƒœαƒ’αƒαƒ“βœ¨ #P10 #P10Plus #travelwithHuawei