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Hop Down My January 2018 Design Rabbit Hole

From the latest issue of Rubbish Famzine to Disney's Mick-A-Matic camera, follow our executive editor down her design rabbit hole as she gives us the rundown of what's keeping her entertained this month.

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Welcome to Berlin: Things are Slower Here

Welcome to Berlin 👋

From the best museums to top culinary epicenters, here is a guide for everything you need to know about maneuvering through this design-conscious city.

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Knocking Down your Creative Blocks - 99U 2018-02-06 22:02

Best-selling author + journalist Mike Sager shares the time he almost quit writing and how his experience with high stress + low confidence brought him his best story yet 🗞
%0A“No matter what your genre, it’s probably the same. When you sit down to create something out of nothing, it’s best to...

The Future of Design, Part II - 99U 2018-02-04 16:32

They say the MFA is the new MBA 🤓 Read how these designers are maneuvering through modern day technology + how the rise of the independent practitioner will continue challenging the traditional agency model

“Voice-controlled tech will mean that there’s less of a need for interface design. Light a...

How to Become More Self-Aware - 99U 2018-02-02 13:01

Organizational psychologist + The New York Times best-selling author Tasha Eurich describes self-awareness as the meta-skill of the 21st Century.

A lack of motivation to become more aware goes hand-in-hand with a weaker performance. The more you work to change your perspective in different si...

A Guide to Design Book Publishing for the Non-Rich and Non-Famous

Image permissions + hours of negotiations 📋 %9F Anne Quito gives us a guide to design book publishing + how to cross the red tape into the (published) book club.

“Making all our books requires hundreds and hundreds of hours of work—photography, retouching, specifying paper, ordering b...

When Should You Get an Illustration Agent (Hint: Maybe Never)?

Whether you prefer flying solo or working with an agency, there’s pros and cons to both. We chatted with some top illustrators and agencies about the complicated dichotomy between art + commerce 🎨 %9F %0A
“If you like numbers, negotiating, and navigating difficult conversations with people, ...

A San Francisco Live-Work Gem - 99U 2018-01-25 13:01

Take a step inside No. 49, a live-work space designed by architect Raveevarn Choksombatchai, and see how she’s manipulated the space with strategic use of color and design to maintain an airy and transparent setting.

“I don’t use color as only pure graphic. It is actually a special device ...
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American Museum of Natural History Photo 2018-02-18 01:14

The shocking pink dragon millipede (Desmoxytes purpurosea) was discovered in the 2000s, in a limestone cavern in Thailand. Its bright colors are intriguing and eye-catching, but they signal “do not eat” to potential predators. This spiny critter is highly toxic, producing hydrogen cyanide in its defensive glands. Another fun fact about these arthropods: they smell like almonds, a scent often associated with cyanide production. Photo: Chulabush Khatancharoen

National Gallery of Art Photo 2018-02-17 16:55

The densely layered image of "Slum Gardens No. 3" signals claustrophobia. A large tree with a thick, spiked vine winding its way up the trunk defines the right side of the work. Weeds and flowers blanket the bottom half of the image, almost obscuring the wooden shack (left) and the staircase. Plants invade a picket fence and piece of railing in the lower foreground. We sense that the vegetation will soon overtake the entire area, turning the "garden" into a neighborhood menace. "Slum Gardens No. 3" is not a view of a specific place; rather, it visualizes the concept of "slums" from regions around the world. The overgrowing landscape serves as a metaphor for the lack of attention paid to impoverished neighborhoods. Not only are the physical environments of such areas neglected, but, as Norman's drawing suggests, its social and economic problems are ignored as well. #BlackHistoryMonth Joseph Norman, "Slum Gardens No. 3," 1990, charcoal on wove paper, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Gift of the Sandra and Charles Gilman, Jr. Foundation in memory of Dorothea L. Leonhardt