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Barbie Photo 2017-06-20 03:00

Barbie and her friends love switching up their hairstyles every once in a while.
Share your little one's favorite look in the comments below!

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Barbie Photo 2017-06-16 03:00

Hey guys, we're back with another fun contest for you!
All you need to do is refer to the image below and tell us the 5 fashion-related words you see in the comments section. 5 lucky winners to answer CORRECTLY will receive a Fashionista Barbie gift set!
What are you ...

Barbie Photo 2017-06-13 07:00

Spending time with girlfriends is one of Barbie's favorite activities.
What do your little ones like to do on a playdate?

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Barbie Video 2017-06-09 05:29

So many looks, so many choices!
Barbie's new Fashionista line carries new clothes, new accessories and new dolls just for you!
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Barbie Photo 2017-04-27 07:00

When real life gets too mundane, don’t forget that the land of Dreamtopia is always filled with excitement and fun, and it's just a dream away!
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Barbie Photo 2017-04-25 07:00

Barbie's favorite way to spend time with her friends is munching on popcorn and watching some of her favorite classic movies at home.
Which movies does your little one love to watch?

Barbie Photo 2017-04-20 07:00

Raise your hand if you believe that your daughter can follow her dreams and be anything!
#YouCanBeAnything #BarbieSG

Barbie Photo 2017-04-13 05:29

Broaden your little one's imagination with Barbie's latest Dreamtopia additions!

Head over to the brand-new Toys “R” Us at Waterway Point today to discover the full Dreamtopia collection.

That's not all, enjoy an exclusive ongoing promotion for Barbie's Party Training Pup at ...