Battlefield - 謝謝各位讓《戰地風雲》擁有世界上最棒的社群! | 擁有高級通行證的玩家們,來體驗《戰地風雲 1》的夜戰吧!.. | 來了解上週的 E3 電子電玩展發佈了什麼吧! | 在目前為止最為宏大的《戰地風雲》系列作之資料片中進入最大的戰線。,#戰地風雲1 #以沙皇之......

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俄軍將加入《Battlefield 1》,除此之外還有全新地圖、新武器和載具。等不及想看見首批詳細資訊了嗎?

在今年的 6 月 10 日,EA PLAY 2017 將會匯聚來自全球的忠實玩家,一同發掘 EA 的最新大作,而《Battlefield 1:以沙皇之名》便位列其中。

Battlefield Video 2017-05-08 13:56

當一個小隊由同樣戰隊的人組成,會發生什麼事情你知道嗎?看看 DooM49 的影片就知道囉!
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LEGO Photo 2017-06-28 03:00

Did you want to be a space man when you were young? In 1969, US NASA successfully launched the Apollo Saturn V rocket and landed on the moon, taking a giant leap in space technology. To commemorate the year 1969, LEGO IDEAS is launching 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V, featuring an intricately detailed design, standing as the tallest product ever released from the series. LEGO and space-fans alike are sure to be thrilled this June! The number 1969 has also been discretely incorporated into the design of the rocket! #LEGONASA #LEGOIdeas