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Happiness In Your Li - I think children who do this haven't learned | Mom had the camera rolling when her toddler | Loved it then, love the remix..

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Cruel Kids Mock Disfigured Target Employee Until This Mom Calls Them Out.

I think children who do this haven't learned empathy and don't realize what they're doing. I think they are insecure and attempting to feel superior to someone who is different, but they need to learn that this behavior makes them far inferior to just about anyone. Kindness and compassion ar...
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Buster Posey of SF Giants Gives #BusterHugs to Patients

Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants hit a home run with patients today, as he and wife Kristen visited with kids in the Bass Center. Patients received autographed special-edition Buster Posey Childhood Cancer Awareness baseball hats with the Giants team logo and a cancer awareness ribbon. They also received blankets emblazoned with hashtag #BusterHugs, and an image of Buster with outstretched arms—a nod to Buster’s signature bear hugs doled out to teammates in moments of victory on the baseball field.