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Intel Taiwan - 作為奧運的全球合作夥伴,Intel 正在改變球迷與選手體驗奧運的方式,看奧運選手 | 奧運選手 Chloe Kim 幫我們宣布 Intel 與奧運的全球合作夥伴關係。而在幕後,.. | 從無人機到5G,Intel 正在把領先的技術帶到奧運裡。,瞭解更多: http://int..

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當您使用配備 Intel Optane 、搭載Intel Core..

當您使用配備 Intel Optane 、搭載Intel Core i7處理器的 ASUS VivoMini VC68V,可以輕鬆在三個螢幕上進行多工處理,體驗加速的系統效能和回應力。 #ASUS #VivoMini #Intel
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Facebook AMBER Alerts - Facebook 2017-06-22 02:19

When a child goes missing, a community always wants to come together to help and they often do this on Facebook. We are honored to announce today that thanks to the support of The National Missing Persons Coordination Centre and together with Leave A Light On Inc , the Facebook AMBER Alert system is being rolled out nationally across Australia, providing a vital tool to find and return abducted children. The Facebook AMBER Alert provides the Australian Federal Police, the NSW Police Force, the Victorian Police, the Queensland Police Service, the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services, the Western Australia Police, the SA Police News, the Tasmanian Police and the ACT Policing with the ability to issue an immediate alert on Facebook with key details about a child abduction to people in the specific geographic location. If you see an AMBER Alert in your News Feed, please act and help. #AMBERAlertAU