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10 Dangerous Diseases You Can Get From Mosquitoes

Get ready for a bad mosquito season! Virologists are predicting the spread of Zika, West Nile, dengue and other insect-borne illnesses across the U.S. this summer. Find out how to protect yourself from the 10 most common diseases…

Lifescript: Women’s Health Photo 2017-06-23 19:05

My birthday is coming up! It made me wonder -- how do all of you celebrate your birthdays every year? Do you have a certain tradition you try to maintain? Or do something different each year?

#ManagingMenopause: The Menopause Workout That Really Works!

Can certain exercises help reverse menopause weight gain? Dr. Chrisandra Shufelt @CedarsSinai explains why you have extra padding around your belly and offers workouts anyone can do to whittle it away. Get her recommendations in our new #ManagingMenopause column. Then join us every week, whe...
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