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"International Women’s Day is a date when our global colleagues have..

"International Women’s Day is a date when our global colleagues have been helping in making our world a more inclusive one. From our CEO Rajeev Suri signing the United Nations Women Empowerment Principles ( to 50+ of our locations celebrating and acting to empower women in their communities. I’m proud of our #teamnokia!” - Pascale Thorre, head of global diversity and inclusion.

Nokia OZO Audio

Unlock the new dimension of sound. Introducing OZO Audio.

Nokia Saving Lives wins the UAE Drones for Good Award

At Nokia, using technology to make people’s lives better is at the heart of our vision and promise, and it’s how we exercise our social responsibility.

Our Nokia Saving Lives participation has won the UAE Drones for Good Award in Dubai on 18 February 2017.
Nokia Saving Lives is an innovation project that aims to show that technological progress can truly save lives in future catastrophe and rescue operations. Find out more: