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OMG Facts - God knows we aren’t going to do it ourselves. | For starts, the toymaker was a total Nazi | I’ll have what she’s smelling. | Take note,..

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The Ideal Muslimah Photo 2017-06-22 22:36

So sick of the "masjid mean girls" behavior. Sisters, get over your damn "cliques" and look out for the girls in the masjid who hide in the corners because they feel like they're not "cool" enough to be invited to your iftar party or they don't dress "cute" enough to be in your instragram picture. This is when we need to learn from our brothers. I love that when a brother walks into the gym to play basketball, they're welcomed with open arms to just get to know eachother and play the game. Our sisters on the other hand look the other way or don't care to try and get to know someone because their "team" is already picture perfect. During these blessed months, please look out for one another. Use you iftar party as an opportunity to invite the only girl in the masjid who you know feels singled out. Use your suhoor late night opportunity to invite the girl who asked you if you were going out tonight but you ignored her because you didn't want to invite her in the first place. Stop saving spots for your bff in the masjid and sit by a sister you don't recognize to make a new friend. Get to know eachother and welcome people with open arms. Sisters, please open your eyes - this is a HUGE problem that we've been facing and it needs to stop. It's seriously getting out of hand and it's really sad getting calls from moms worried about their daughters who are facing these troubles. We just need to stop judging and being so mean. We need more love in this world. If your going though this and need a friend to hang out with, go to the mall with, catch a movie with or whatever just please call me. I love you. - Sumaiya Ahmed Sheikh