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Resorts World Manila Photo 2017-07-19 03:05

Catch much-awaited hit movies at the Newport Cinemas, now for only PHP170! Promo valid for Cinemas 2, 3, and 4, from 1 to 4 PM only. Kids can watch too for only PHP150!
For schedules, please visit

Resorts World Manila Photo 2017-07-17 10:00

Have a hearty dose of laugh-out-loud live entertainment from Jon Santos and Kakai Bautista, with a riotous bunch of improv artists, Isprikitik Musical Improv Group.

Directed by Joaquin Pedro Valdes

August 12, 8 PM & August 13, 3 PM
Ceremonial Hall, Marriott Grand Ballr...

Resorts World Manila Photo 2017-07-14 11:00

Enjoy nightly shows featuring top-notch performers live at the Newport Mall. Catch Jay R Sillona & Mica Javier on Sunday, July 16, at The Plaza for #LiveMallSessions! Show starts at 7 PM.

Run With Celebrities for a Good Cause - Resorts World Manila 2017-07-14 07:09

Resorts World Manila is up and running again with Run With Me, an annual charity race featuring celebrities leading five teams to the finish line. In the inaugural Run With Me last year, 800 employees, partners, and special celebrity guests came together at the McKinley West Park to run 7K,...

Resorts World Manila Photo 2017-07-11 09:00

Franks is back with some Tender Love!
Crispy, juicy deep-fried chicken tenders served with lemon and tartar sauce. Available in sets:
6 pieces - PHP390 net
9 pieces - PHP580 net
12 pieces - PHP750 net

Franks is located at the GF Gaming Area.

Welcome Platinum Card Member - Resorts World Manila 2017-07-06 10:15

Congratulations to our newly upgraded Platinum members! You can now enjoy 40% discount in all Resorts World Manila signature restaurants, and other exciting privileges. Keep earning Points to indulge in more perks and benefits. Check out for more details.

Resorts World Manila Photo 2017-07-05 10:10

Don’t miss our special rates for an overnight stay with breakfast for two at Remington Hotel. Booking period is until July 31, 2017 only. For more details, visit
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Oliver Apparels-Khojkala - Social Monsters 2017-07-23 07:24

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Yegna Tube - የኛ ቲዩብ - Yegna Tube - የኛ ቲዩብ 2017-07-22 13:40

መንቶች መድሀኒት ማምረቻ ኃ/የተ/የግ/ማ - ያለ እድሜ ለሚመጣ የወሲብ(የብልት መፍጠን) ችግር በመቀባት የሚያድን አብዛኛው ሰው የሚጨገርበትን የኪንተሮት በሽታ በተመጣጣኝ ዋጋ እንሸፃለን፡፡ - ለኪንታሮት መድሀኒት በደም ውስጥ ያለን አጥቦ የሚያወጣ ሲሆን ድርቀትን፣የወገብ ችግር፣ጋዝ እና የወሲብ ችግርን ያድናል፡፡ - ለአዕምሮ ጭንቀት፣ ለሚጥል በሽታ እና ለሚያፈዘው በሽታ - ለአባላዘር በሽታ እና የሽንት ችግር ለገጠማቸው መድሀኒት አለን፡፡ - ኤድስን የሚያባብሱ ተዛማጅ በሽታዎችን በማከም የድካም ስሜት ፣መክሳትን እና የምግብ ፍላጎት እንዲጨምር ያደርጋል ፡፡ - ለነቀርሳ ለአንጀት፣ለጡት፣ለጭንቅላት ሆነ በደም ውስጥ አጥቦ የሚያወጣ መድሀኒት ፡፡ - ለጉበት ኤፕታይትስ ሶስቱንም አይነቶች በሽታ - ለነርቭ፤ለሪህ ለደም መወፈር(መርጋት)እና ለዲስክ መንሸራተት - በሆድ ውስጥ ላለ በሽታ አሜባ፣ ታይፎይድ፣ ጃርዲያ፣ አስካሪስ እና ውሃ ወለድ በሽታዎች ያድናል፡፡ ለበለጠ መረጃ ዌብሳይታችንን ይጎብኙ ==> 0911665321/0913316790/0912660886 0118477620 አድራሻ፡- ቁጥር 1 አዲስ አበባ ንፋስ ስልክ ላፍቶ ሀና ማርያም ከጤና ጣብያ አለፍ ብሎ ቁጥር 2 ሰሜን ሷ መኀል ሜዳርልድ ቪዝን ፊት ለፊት እና ውይን መድሀኒት ቤት አጠገብ ቁጥር 3 መገናኛ ውልና ማስረጃ ፊት ለፊት ገነት ኮሜርሻል ሴንተር 2ኛ ፎቅ የመድሀኒትመሸጫ እና የመረጃ ማዕከል፡፡ ቁጥር 4 መርካቶ አራተኛ ፖሊስ ጣቢያ መታጠፊያ ተስፋ ህንጻ 6ኛ ፎቅ ላይ