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SafariLive Chat App - Thanks everyone for your support. We just | Sunset drive 22 July 2017 #djuma #safari | Safari sunset 21 July 2017 #djuma #natgeowil..

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Photos from FarmVille's post - FarmVille 2017-07-24 08:36

Hello Farmers! We have a Gift and a Message for you! We are aware of the feed issue. It is a TEMPORARY issue caused by a Facebook bug and we are actively working with FB to fix it. You might be able to post successfully even now so keep trying to post feeds, collect or share items with neighbors and play the game. To cope with the inconvenience we are adding these Limited Edition items to your Gift Box: : Summer Solistice Horse, Summer Party Gazebo. Some of you might have received it by now. We are adding the gifts in batches and it will take a day or two for everyone to receive this! We know how eager you are to get the gifts! Keep Posting and Continue Sharing Love! Happy Farming!