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Spider Team - Official website http://www.fishMobile.cn,Any | Candy Memory Saga | Candy Memory Saga | New game from Spider Team:Candy Memory Saga...

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Photos from Canon Imaging Asia's post - Canon Imaging Asia 2017-07-23 03:00

"Photography has no end, in terms of the things it can teach you. I just want to learn and discover more of the world – the lives of the people from different cultures, their conditions and their emotions.” Self-taught Filipino photographer Duke Henry, @dukehenryphotography on Instagram, may consider himself an “amateur”, but his documentary-styled travel photos and portraits have a captivating way of drawing the attention of numerous publications like the National Geographic. Captivated by the many "Faces of India", this series portrays these beautiful people along side their traditions, culture and stories, to show his perspective of India as a Filipino photographer. More of his works at: http://www.dukehenryphotography.com/