The Mind Unleashed


The Mind Unleashed - Mother earth is a mysterious lady, wouldn’t y | Caught up, as we are, in the politics of stat | Here are 4 super-powers of empathic ..

Anarchy vs. Statism: Uncontrolled Order Over Controlled Chaos

Caught up, as we are, in the politics of statism, it is often extremely difficult to see the forest for the trees. We’re often so busy pretending to think outside the box that we lose track of what’s “the box” and what’s not. We’re so inured by this system of exploitation that it’s often too easy to kiss each other with lies rather than smack each other with the truth.

Tit-for-Tat Politics, Vault 7, and the Political Distraction Game

Welcome to modern America, where freedom, rights and privacy are no longer an absolute, and where the true intentions of government and what really goes on behind the political scenes are entirely obfuscated by intentional, manufactured political distraction.