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Udemy - We're excited to announce Yoga for Beginners | Check out these amazing new courses from | Check out these amazing new courses from | 57%..

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We're excited to announce Yoga for Beginners from Yoga Journal! Are you completely new to yoga and want to see what it's all about? Or maybe you've been to a yoga class before and felt that it just wasn't for you. This new course allows you to start and refine your practice in the comfor...

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57% of US employees said learning and opportunities for growth were the most important parts of workplace culture. If you're a business owner, are you letting your employees fall behind? If you're an employee, how would you like your company to better support you in training? http://bit.ly/2rIefNu

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Millennials are 2x more stressed than Baby Boomers at work. Who else is stressed, and how are they dealing with it? See the rest of the #WorkplaceConfidential data here: http://bit.ly/2swhQy1

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54% of US workers use meditation and/or physical activity to de-stress from work. How do you de-stress? We'd love to hear your favorite Udemy meditation courses if this sounds like you! http://bit.ly/2sAxVmq

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Millennials are most stressed about politics and automation affecting their jobs. Boomers are most stressed about having bad managers. What are you stressed about? See the full report here: http://bit.ly/2swhQy1

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58% of US workers report that corporate training is #1 way that they de-stress at work. Does your company help its employees learn new skills? http://bit.ly/2swhQy1

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We're in an employee stress crisis. Workplace stress costs $190 billion in healthcare costs - and 60% of US workers report being stressed all or some of the time: http://bit.ly/2rIefNu

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Our #WorkplaceConfidential survey revealed that 42% of US workers have paid for on-the-job training with their OWN money to help with their workplace stress. What sort of training would you like to see your company offer? http://bit.ly/2rxSCB3

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Our new #WorkplaceConfidential survey reveals that US Workers are more #stressed than ever and using #skills to stay afloat. 58% of American workers report investing in training to help with their stress at work. Does your company offer corporate training? Do you learn on your own time? ...