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WordPress.com - Automattic's John Maeda spoke with illustrator | “Only to the extent that we expose ourselves | We take our commitment to transparency..

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Shining Light on National Security Letters

We take our commitment to transparency very seriously, and believe that our users and the public have a right to be informed about the nature of the tools that the government uses to conduct investigations and the scope of their use.

Get it Done! What’s Your Best Tip for Sitting Down to Write?

"Something happens when you quiet your mind and sit alone with your thoughts for a while," novelist Jennifer Close told Parnassus Books.

Read Close's tips on how to reject distraction—and tell us your best tip for focusing on your writing!

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We want to support local businesses to grow their online communities—that's why teamed up with Rebrand Cities. To participate in #RebrandCities initiative, visit: https://en.blog.wordpress.com/2017/07/12/wordpress-com-teams-up-with-rebrand-cities-to-bring-local-businesses-online/
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Huawei P10 Plus Masterclass Secrets with Richard Chen

What makes a great photograph? Leica photographer Richard Chen broke it down for us, and through some simple tips and tricks on how to master portrait photography easily with the Huawei P10 Plus. Special thanks to our attendees Joy Tang, James Lu (HardwareZone.com), John Tan (tech4tea.com), Mohamad Shazni (Vulcan Post), Wayne Cheong (Esquire),@TheRoyceLee, Chloe Pek (Singapore Tatler), and Aaron Tan (VR Zone) for joining us for a day of fun. Scroll through the album to see what we got up to! #HuaweiP10Plus #HuaweiSG Leica Camera

Huawei Mobile Photo 2017-07-26 14:37

💎 Huawei Nova 2 სულ მალე ოფიციალურად შემოაბიჯებს საქართველოში. შეიძინეთ დახვეწილი, სრულყოფილი დიზაინისა და მონაცემების მქონე მოდელი და შეასხით ფრთები თქვენს ოცნებებს ჩვენთან ერთად. 💎 #Nova2 სმარტფონი, რომელსაც სელფის სუპერვარსკვლავს უწოდებენ. 20MP წინა კამერა, 3D სახის ამომცნობი და ეკრანის 11 დონიანი განათება სიბნელეში გადაღებისას. ეზიარეთ სრულყოფილებას ჰუავეისთან ერთად. #HuaweiNova #PerfectionHuawei #SelfieSuperstar