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Abitalk Mobile Educa - Phonics Silly Sentences 2 include fun activities | Sunday laughs via Babble. :D | AbiTalk's Phonics Spelling helps children..

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Second Grade Third Grade Life Science Reading Comprehension

Did you know that AbiTalk makes a Life Science app? Reading Comprehension Life Science for Second Grade includes twenty stories about the life science and all are related young children's daily life. You can also create and add your own stories to the app.
Each story has about 250 - 300 words...

First Grade Antonyms - Abitalk Mobile Education Apps Community 2016-05-14 04:02

AbiTalk's First Grade Antonyms is a fun educational app, designed to teach kids about antonyms and improve their vocabularies. The app includes four different activities - flash cards, a matching game, a memory game, and sentences. Antonyms are important for building vocabulary and enhanci...

App review: Second Grade Reading Comprehension English NonFiction by Abitalk

Second Grade Fiction Reading Comprehension allows parents and teachers to add their own stories and comprehension questions!
The app comes with 20 fun stories to help your child work on reading comprehension skills. Each story introduces new vocabulary concepts, and is followed by a set of ex...

Second Grade Synonyms - Abitalk Mobile Education Apps Community 2016-05-13 04:41

AbiTalk's Second Grade Synonyms is an engaging educational game, designed to help children to learn synonyms and improve their vocabularies. The app includes four different activities, including a flash card game, a matching activity, a memory game and sentences. Synonyms are important for...

ABC Phonics Rhyming Bee - Preschool Kindergarten learning game

With bright colors and fun animation, AbiTalk's Phonics Rhyming Bee is designed to help children learn to recognize rhyming words, and sort them by sound. A friendly bee carries a heart with a word on it, and your child selects which of two flower pots has a word that rhymes. The bee then ca...
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