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MoMA The Museum of Modern Art Photo 2018-03-23 16:39

When Tarsila do Amaral had her first solo show in Paris in 1926, she commissioned famous Art Deco designer Pierre Legrain to construct frames that emphasized the exotic-magical nature of her works. Legrain had designed elaborate frames for artists like Picasso and Picabia and his frames for Tarsila—specifically designed for each work—became works themselves, made from lizard skin, corrugated cardboard, polished wood, with mirrors cut at angles, and more. “A Cuca” (1924) is the only one of her works to retain its original frame. #TarsilaMoMA … [Image: Tarsila do Amaral. A Cuca, 1924. Oil on canvas. Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Paris, France FNAC 9459. Photography © Cnap / Ville de Grenoble / Musée de Grenoble – J.L. Lacroix. © Tarsila do Amaral Licenciamentos]