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American Museum of Natural History Photo 2017-10-17 01:03

When wooing in the fall and winter, adult male Mandarin Ducks (Aix galericulata) dress to impress: their full plumage includes an iridescent crown, a red-hued face with “whiskers,” a maroon breast with two white stripes, and orange “sails.” This colorful ensemble disappears during the summer molt, when the males resemble the duller brown-and-white females, save for their red bills. The Mandarin Duck is native to East Asia, but because these famously beautiful birds have been exported all over the world and some have escaped captivity, you can now spot feral populations in Britain, Germany, and even in some parts of the US.

National Gallery of Art Photo 2017-10-16 21:07

Carrie Mae Weems's "Kitchen Table Series" tells the story of a woman's life in 20 staged photographs. Weems transforms the intimate space of the kitchen—the traditional sphere of women—into a powerful meditation on domesticity and relationships. Tomorrow at noon, hear Carrie Mae Weems share the experience of creating this seminal body of work in our East Building Auditorium. Then, see the "Kitchen Table Series" on the Mezzanine level of the East Building. Carrie Mae Weems, "Untitled (Woman playing solitaire)" from the "Kitchen Table Series," 1990, platinum print, printed 2003, Gift of the Collectors Committee, and Robert B. Menschel and the Vital Projects Fund