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Arctic Spas Photo 2019-03-29 11:57

I have decided that eating while #hottubbing is both a skill and, arguably more importantly, a careful selection of food type.

Who indulges while hot tubbing, whats the perfect grub for the hot tub? #grubforthehottub

Arctic Spas Photo 2019-03-25 14:33

Congratulations to Arctic Spas Edmonton who were awarded the #arcticspas Corporate Award for Dealer of the Year! Well done and keep up the good work!

Tundra - Arctic Spas Hot Tub Model - Canada

Ok, so we are having a strong "discussion" again.

Heres the deal...would you take a fully kitted out #Tundra

Which includes ALL the custom options including:
Spa Boy
Peak 1, Peak 2, Onzen
Ultimate ...

Arctic Spas Photo 2019-03-20 09:43

Ahhhh the first day of Spring. Its in the air. #FRESH FRESH FRESH! #FirstDayOfSpring. Thinking about the sun now.

Whats your plan? Have you booked a holiday this year?

Where are you heading? #springbreak #summerholiday

Hot Tub Filtration - Alan Schuster Takes Us To Spa School - Arctic Spas

If you want to read something deep (no pun intended) that really gets to the scientific level about hot tub filtration then you wont get any better than Alan Schuster who takes us to Spa School on making sure your hot tub water is crystal clear! 🤓

Check it out, its really quite impressive!...
How an Arctic Spa Hot Tub is made - BrandmadeTV

How an Arctic Spa Hot Tub is made - BrandmadeTV

How an Arctic Spa Hot Tub is made - BrandmadeTV: How an Arctic Spa Hot Tub is made - BrandmadeTV Arctic Spa Hot Tubs - Keeping you warm and bubbly, and recognized the world over for their design and relianc...

Arctic Spas Photo 2019-02-25 14:12

We have seen our Hot tubs and swim spas in some strange places (like this one in we helicoptered out to the coast in Norway!)

Wheres the strangest place you have seen An Arctic Spa? Wheres yours?
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