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Avani Technology Sol - It’s always nice when we can bring all the | Want to know how #Bigdata is transforming | It's welcoming a new employee day!..

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Avani Technology Solutions Inc -FMIT Photo 2018-02-16 13:17

It’s always nice when we can bring all the Avani'ites' together for our corporate meetings. All of us join and have a fun evening! #companyculture One key takeaway from today’s meeting: the importance of personal and team goals.

Avani Technology Solutions Inc -FMIT Photo 2018-02-09 15:37

Yesterday was extra special, it was an evening well spent with the person you look up to for inspiration. It was a great opportunity to have a meaningful and fun conversation over dinner with Sameer when he came down to the Vizag office, India.

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What is it that scares people or #businesses these days (in the times of peace?)

It is #CyberThreats. What are the pitfalls that are facing #privacy in 2018?

The anatomy of effective information security management

Until about fifteen years ago, it was very likely that an information security manager would have a career based on their technical background, which was usually in network operations, applications or user support.