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The Best Security Packages for Windows 10

Phishing, sniffing, or spoofing are some of the methods of attack that await unwitting users on the Internet. In their review of the best security packages for #Windows10, AV-Test rated our Internet Security suite as "Top Product"!

Avira Video 2018-02-22 16:59

A few days ago we again were able to motivate many of our colleagues in Tettnang to donate their blood at the second Avira blood donation day. The activity was quite a success: Overall 45 volunteers took part, many of them for the very first time. Also, our CEO, Travis Witteveen, took part...

Keep your drivers up to date without taxing your PC - Avira Blog

Software and driver updaters – along with a certified antivirus app – are a key element in ensuring your online security and privacy. While an antivirus software functions as a house alarm – stopping intruders and alerting you to their presence, an updater does the essential job of double checking...

Avira AppLock+ – secure your apps with a PIN code

Your phone. Your AppLock+. Your rules. Share your phone but not your files, your photos but not your financials. Avira AppLock+ lets you keep control of your Android – even when it’s out of your hands.
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