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Wearable technology could help pregnant women detect health complications, improve outcomes

A research team at Purdue University is in the process of developing a early detection sensor for preeclampsia using a smartphone app and a supine pressor test. This test assesses blood flow through the kidneys and then the app sends the results of the test to the doctor in hope of catching preeclam...

Pediatricians change guidelines for babies in car seats

The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated the car seat guidelines based on new research on child safety. The article explains, “The updated guidelines are a significant change from the previous recommendation that infants remain rear facing until at least age 2. Because the new guidelines ar...

Nurse helped save preemie’s life 28 years ago — now he’s a doctor at her hospital

A NICU nurse in California was surprised to see a pediatric resident that she cared for 28 years ago now working in the same hospital. Vilma Wong, who has worked in the NICU for 32 years, said, “Working next to a patient I cared for is the best reward a nurse could get.”

Prenatal and postnatal homelessness increases risk to childrens health, development

A Pediatric study interviewed more than 20,000 caregivers, a portion of them were prenatally homeless, a portion postnatally homeless, and a group reported being homeless before and after childbirth. The study suggestes, children who were homeless whether prenatally or postnatally, “wer...

Breastfeeding linked to lower stroke risk

A recent study showed that there was a 23% lower risk of stroke among postmenopausal women who had breastfed one or more children, with the risk reduced by up to 48% in non-Hispanic black women.

Nurses and Their Impact in Disaster Response

With the frenzy of Hurricane Florence, it is important to remember the special impact nurses and first responders have during disasters.

Nurses on The Frontlines of Disaster Response

With Hurricane Florence on the way, it is important to remember the critical role nurses play during disaster relief.