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Photos from Back in Action Chiropractic's post

FIrst Picture taken December 3rd 2018.. weighing in at 250 lbs

Second Picture taken January 15th, weighing in at 216lbs

Over 30 lbs lost in 6 weeks! The average weight loss on this program is 20-30 lbs in a 6 week program. Want details?
Come to our
Weight Loss Workshop

Photos from Back in Action Chiropractic's post

First picture taken December 3, 2018. 250lbs.
Second picture taken January 15, 2019. 216 lbs.
Over 30 pounds lost in 6 weeks!
If I can do it, so can you!
Come to our free weight loss workshop Feb 4th, 6:00pm, or February 5th, at noon.
RSVP 920-336-9355
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