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How the Bajaj Finserv Wallet app does more than your debit card

The Bajaj Finserv Wallet app beats the limitations of using a debit card. It offers you increased security, all the features of an EMI card, as well as the ease of your debit card. Read on to find out more about the Bajaj Finserv Wallet app.

5 Simple Tips to Get the Most out of Your Credit Card

It is a good idea to apply for a credit card when you are well settled in your job and have a healthy bank balance. If you are a responsible spender, you can get a lot of benefits by using your credit card wisely.

7 guaranteed ways to improve your CIBIL score

Your credit score can significantly impact your chances of getting a loan. A good CIBIL score can help you get loan easily and at an affordable interest rate. Here’s our list of the practices that can help in improving your credit score.

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Get closer to perfection, experience your favourite movies and shows on the latest TVs from Sony. Shop on #EasyEMI with your Bajaj Finserv #EMINetworkCard and pay as per your screen size.
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Enter the NEX generation of technology with the latest phones from Vivo. Shop on #NoCostEMI with the your Bajaj Finserv #EMINetworkCard and get cash back of up to Rs. 1,000. Explore today:

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Get in the Diwali spirit with the latest fashion! Shop at your nearest Pantaloons store with your Bajaj Finserv #EMINetworkCard and avail Rs. 500 cash back on shopping above Rs 10,000 and Rs 250 cash back on shopping between Rs. 3,000-Rs. 9,999.
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This Navratri, tell us which appliance you wish to buy and get gift vouchers worth Rs. 18,000 on your purchase. Shop on easy EMIs with your Bajaj Finserv #EMINetwork Card. Explore more :
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Rana Kapoor, MD & CEO, YES BANK - “RBI’s unanimously delivered 25bps hike has been balanced with a neutral stance, reinforcing MPC’s alacrity to retain inflation within its 4.0% target amidst hitherto buildup in price pressures led by crude prices. The rate action comes at a time when economic recovery now appears to be on a firmer footing. This stance allows RBI the choice to act in accordance with evolving macro and financial conditions, in both global and domestic economy in the coming months. Amidst many moving parts, this will entail a careful balancing of global headwinds from elevated crude prices, geopolitical tensions, and domestic policies of MSPs, state pay commissions on growth-inflation dynamics.” #RBIPolicy