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Baki Zainal Photo 2019-03-23 14:41

As the sun goes down and the valley turns cold. We walk separate ways in looking for that glimpse of happiness.. i wish you would find yours like how i found mine in this land call Cappadocia .....

Photo by @wayne_wayne23

@feliztravelmy @montanic_adventure @kuhl @zaczaclee


Baki Zainal Photo 2019-03-23 06:02

When you rise as early as the sun. This is your gift for the day... great morning trek ... good morning cappadocia

@feliztravelmy @gopromysg

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Baki Zainal Photo 2019-03-17 11:29

I bought 2 Ed Sheeran live in Malaysia concert tickets... anddddddd i wanna to give it away to 1 lucky follower..

How to walk home with these tickets?

1.Post a short 30 sec only video on Instagram of you telling me “which of Ed Sheeran’s songs is your favorite and why?”
2. Tag 1 f...

Baki Zainal Photo 2019-03-17 02:37

I start my journey with an empty jar, collecting pebbles as i move along. I love listening to the rattle and tingling sounds that they make.. i hope n pray that i have a bigger jar and my journey will extend longer for i feel so blessed to meet these beautiful strangers and hear their stories alon...

Baki Zainal Photo 2019-03-16 12:23

Many times or the rather i sit and wonder there must be something right that im doing or someone up there favors me.. which ever it is i am awefully grateful 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 thank you everyone

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Baki Zainal Photo 2019-03-15 01:31

Mama n me trying hard not to look squinty eyed. Happy Birthday Mama!! I love you long long time!!!!! And yes we dont look squinty this time around!!

#bakizainal #squintyeyes #birthday #ilovemymom
Baki Zainal Video 2019-03-13 04:13

Baki Zainal Video 2019-03-13 04:13

刚刚在网上看完了”寻味”在胡志明市。。。突然想念鲜甜美味的”pho”, 椰味香浓的雪糕,苦中带甜的越南咖啡。。其实怀念的是它那享受生活的方式,爱国为傲的心情以及充满艺术感的喜悦。。

Just caught Taste of Memory in Ho Chi Min... i can still recall the taste of freshly made traditional “pho bo” and rich aromatic coffee.. but what i truly miss is the long dinner sessions with newly fou...
Baki Zainal Video 2019-03-12 01:18

Baki Zainal Video 2019-03-12 01:18


As you trap yourself in this congested concrete jungle. Would it not be nice to travel to a land fill with blue skies, pine trees and fields of marigold. Where everything seems to take place in slowmo and its ...

Baki Zainal Photo 2019-03-10 07:50


☀️its so hot, drench yourself with the cooling falls of Tebing Nirvana would be such a heavenly experience.

@wonderful.indonesia.official @montanic_adventure @ripcurlmy @gopro @gopromysg

#bakizainal #pesonaindonesia #tebingnirwana #malang #...
Baki Zainal in Tumpak Sewu. The lost land in java

Baki Zainal in Tumpak Sewu. The lost land in java

Baki Zainal in Tumpak Sewu. The lost land in java: 我觉得这是我一生去过最壮观的原始瀑布。

Tumpak Sewu is just so spectacular.. check out my video to find out how mesmerizing n grandeur this work of mother nature is.

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