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Barbie Photo 2018-03-21 14:24

Cooking up some fun with your little chefs can inspire creativity and confidence. What new and innovative recipes will you whip up next? 👩‍🍳 #YouCanBeAnything

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Bake up a storm and create unique recipes with your little ones! The #Barbie Bakery Chef Doll and Playset comes with baking accessories and ingredients for endless storytelling possibilities. 👩‍🍳

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Barbie | DIY Flower Cupcakes - Barbie 2018-03-19 15:35

Barbie | DIY Flower Cupcakes: Decorate a delicious bouquet of cupcakes just in time for spring! These DIY flower cupcakes will empower your little baker to think critically as she reads through a recipe and follows step-by-step directions. 🌸
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Barbie Photo 2018-03-18 16:30

We are so excited to cook up some fun with our new friend Rosanna Pansino! Rosanna is a role model for your little ones to learn the ins and outs of baking.

Watch our favorite foodie unbox #Barbie dolls and whip up some delicious mini pizzas, now on YouTube:

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We’re excited to embark on a journey to a mysterious island with #TombRaider’s #LaraCroft! Jump into the action with the Tomb Raider - 2018 #Barbie doll based on the movie’s empowering heroine.

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Spend an afternoon cooking up memories! Empower your little one to create new recipes and imagine running her own kitchen one day with the Bakery Chef Doll & Playset. #YouCanBeAnything

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— Products shown: Barbie Bakery Chef Doll and Playset.

Barbie | Mystery Box Challenge - Barbie 2018-03-15 22:30

Barbie | Mystery Box Challenge: A dash of this and a pinch of that… Experimenting with new ingredients encourages your little ones to explore the chemistry and creativity needed to whip up a delicious dish! 🍰

Watch these little chefs explore their culinary creativity as they take on the #Bar...

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Let's get cooking! Show your little ones how to get creative in the kitchen with the #Barbie Pizza Chef Playset and inspire them to play out their culinary dreams. Shop now! #YouCanBeAnything

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With 180 careers and counting, we are committed to inspiring girls to explore their biggest dreams. Tell us who your role models are to help inspire more girls using #MoreRoleModels. 🔬

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With #Barbie, the possibilities are endless! Help her get fired up about her biggest dreams and show her she can make them a reality. Share your role models with us to inspire more girls using #MoreRoleModels.

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— Products shown: Barbi...