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Beaulieu, National M - Pantomime Rehearsal at Beaulieu's Victorian | Don't miss the gingerbread house in visitor | The Beaulieu team are getting..

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Pantomime Rehearsal at Beaulieu's Victorian Christmas

Pantomime Rehearsal at Beaulieu's Victorian Christmas: It's 1889 and the Montagu family are rehearsing for their traditional Christmas day panto...

Come and watch the full rehearsal during Beaulieu's Victorian Christmas. Running daily until 1st January (excluding Christmas day).

Beaulieu, National Motor Museum Photo 2017-12-14 10:30

Victorian Christmas Fact: Christmas crackers were invented in 1846 by Tom Smith, a London sweet maker. The original idea was to wrap sweets in a twist of fancy coloured paper, but this developed and sold much better when he added love notes, paper hats, small toys and made them go off with...

Beaulieu, National Motor Museum Photo 2017-12-12 18:00

Tune into More4 at 9pm tonight for a chance to spot Beaulieu in 'David Jason's Secret Service'.

Sir David Jason travelled to Beaulieu to interview Noreen Riols, one of the last survivors who worked at Beaulieu with the SOE, helping train and test agents before they went overseas.


Beaulieu, National Motor Museum Photo 2017-12-11 14:53

This year the giant outdoor Christmas Tree has 15,000 lights on it! But did you know, this tradition has only been around since the Victorian times:

Queen Victoria’s German husband Prince Albert helped to make the Christmas tree popular in Britain when he brought one to Windsor Castle i...

Squeezing a 22ft Christmas tree into Palace House

Squeezing a 22ft Christmas tree into Palace House: Trying to squeeze a 22ft Christmas tree through your front door! 🎄 %9F

Watch a time-lapse of the rest of the installation & decoration at (it involved lots of people and litter-picker sticks!)


Photos from Beaulieu, National Motor Museum's post

At least the 'bright' side to the evenings getting darker is that it makes the GIANT Christmas Tree and fairy-light pathway look pretty amazing! Make the most of special 6pm closing time on 9th, 10th, 16th & 17th December. ✨
Drag Racing - 1969 - Beaulieu, National Motor Museum 2017-12-06 13:09

Drag Racing - 1969 - Beaulieu, National Motor Museum 2017-12-06 13:09

Drag Racing - 1969: Some fantastic drag racing action from the 1969 film ‘Ford Flat Out’. The film features legendary Hawaiian driver Danny Ongais who races a Ford Mustang “funny car”, powered by a modified V8 engine, at the Bristol Dragway, Tennessee.

Beaulieu's 22ft Christmas Tree Timelapse!

Beaulieu's 22ft Christmas Tree Timelapse!: There aren’t many homes that require a whole team and litter-picker sticks to decorate the Christmas tree! The 22+foot tree in Palace House looks stunning! 🎄
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