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Best Drug Rehabilita - Sometimes when there are too many failures | ~Happy Heart Day Everyone~ | Hello Weekend! | While addiction is obviously horrible..

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Avoiding a Rut: Here are 4 Addiction Recovery Tips

Sometimes when there are too many failures or not enough engagement in interesting and purposeful activities, a person can find themselves beginning to turn back to old habits, ones which are harmful and destructive that they genuinely intend to avoid. So, here are some addiction recovery tip...

Enabling vs. Empowering: How to Know the Difference in Addiction Recovery

While addiction is obviously horrible for the individual struggling, it is also quite hellacious for loved ones witnessing their struggle. One of the most important things that loved ones of addicts need to understand about this situation is that their actions can either be helpful or harmful. A l...

Jared Blake Takes on Drunk Driving in 'Don't Let Her Be Gone'

So excited for our good friend Jared Blake on the release of his new music video Don't Let Her Be Gone! Click on the link attached to watch the video and read Jared's personal story behind the video. Be sure to share this with your friends to help spread the message. #dontdrinkanddrive #ja...

Emotional Wellness Toolkit - Best Drug Rehabilitation 2018-01-17 04:03

Flip each card below for checklists on how to improve your health in each area. Click on the images to read articles about each topic. You can also print the checklists separately or all together to share with others or as a reminder to yourself.
Best Drug Rehabilitation Review | Graham

Best Drug Rehabilitation Review | Graham

Best Drug Rehabilitation Review | Graham: #testimonialtuesday Love this review from one of our past clients about the variety of options BDR has to offer and how the ability to choose his treatment plan helped him be successful.
Best Drug Rehabilitation | Identifying Signs of Relapse

Best Drug Rehabilitation | Identifying Signs of Relapse

Best Drug Rehabilitation | Identifying Signs of Relapse: This time of the year can be very difficult for those in recovery; the stress of the holidays, pressure from family, seasonal depression, and many other things. It is important as a loved one to be aware of the signs of relapse so ...
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TJ Carrie Visits Stanford Children's Hospital And Reunites With Surgeon

A follow-up to the story we first brought you on Valentine’s Day. To commemorate the 12th anniversary of his open-heart surgery, to repair what doctors describe as a one-in-a-million heart defect, Oakland Raiders cornerback TJ Carrie, visited with patients currently being treated for heart disease, and reunited with Frank Hanley, MD, the surgeon who repaired his heart, allowing him to return to football. Read more from TJ and Dr. Hanley here or watch the video from the The Oakland Raiders