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BESU Confessions - #1763: While we all party today, cops will

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6 Mindblowing & Exceptional Reasons To Make Dhikr This Ramadan - The Ideal Muslimah

What does dhikr really mean? How can we implement and make it a habit to be in a constant state of dhikr to achieve closeness? You claim to love Allah subhanahu wa taala more than anything in this world. But the more you love someone, the more you would remember! How often do you remember Allah subhanahu wa taala? Dhikr of Allah can be translated as remembrance/to be able to recall/ to mention about Allah. Dhikr isn’t just limited to certain duas you recite. Anything that reminds your mind and heart about Allah subhanahu wa taala, (in turn making you mention His name and showering Praises and gratitude on Him) is also considered dhikr. Here is my humble attempt in listing the rewards and immense benefits dhikr can have in your life in dunya and akhira....(Click to continue reading)... Link to the Article -