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Blackmores Malaysia Photo 2018-10-05 06:42

Blackmores Malaysia is proud to announce that we have hit the 100,000 fan mark! We thank you for your continuous support, and assure you that we will continue to give our fullest commitment to all our fans through our Facebook page.

As a gesture of appreciation, we are giving away 50 un...

Blackmores Malaysia Photo 2018-10-01 08:56

Our second #10YearsofTrust story comes from Mr. Jimmy Tan. Read on to find out how Blackmores has helped him.


My Name Is Jimmy Tan and I am now past my 60’s.

During my early 20’s, my mother used to ask me to take Chinese Herbal Supplements. Whether I like it or not...

Blackmores Malaysia Photo 2018-09-27 07:00

Kawal kadar kolesterol anda dengan gabungan Blackmores Plant Sterols Plus dan Blackmores Fish Oil! Plant Sterol membantu mengawal pengeluaran kolesterol dalam hati, sementara kandungan Omega 3 membantu mengurangkan risiko penyakit jantung - sememangnya gabungan yang cukup padu!

Blackmores Malaysia Photo 2018-09-24 06:09

Protect, rejuvenate and moisturize your skin from the inside out with the combination of Blackmores Collagen 10,000mg and Blackmores Natural Vitamin E Cream! Consume one bottle of Blackmores Collagen before you go to bed at night to promote the growth of new skin cells and apply Vitamin E Crea...

Blackmores Malaysia Photo 2018-09-21 04:12

Jangan biarkan selsema merosakkan hujung minggu anda! Blackmores Cold Combat mengandungi herba hempedu bumi, yang secara tradisinya digunakan dalam perubatan tradisional untuk melegakan simptom jangkitan saluran pernafasan atas seperti sakit tekak, selsema dan batuk.

Edan Syah - Blackmores Malaysia 2018-09-20 05:00

#throwbackthursday Earlier this week, we witnessed fellow Malaysian Edan Syah make history by being the Guinness World Record Fastest Marathon Runner with a National Flag, with the time of 2 hours and 54 minutes at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival!

On behalf of all Malaysians, w...

Blackmores Malaysia Photo 2018-08-31 07:23

Adakah anda rasa lesu atau kurang fokus? Atasi masaalah ini dengan bantuan Blackmores Executive B yang diformulasi khas dengan kandungan vitamin B-Kompleks dan mineral yang boleh memberikan anda tambahan tenaga fizikal dan mental.

Blackmores Malaysia Photo 2018-08-31 07:22

Jaga keadaan kulit anda dari dalam dan luar dengan kombinasi Blackmores Natural Vitamin E Cream dan Blackmores Collagen 10,000mg. Minum satu botol Collagen setiap malam untuk merangsangkan pertumbuhan sel kulit baru, dan sapukan Blackmores Natural Vitamin E Cream untuk melembabkan kulit sebelum ...

Blackmores Malaysia Photo 2018-08-16 04:01

Ensuring that your teenaged children get the right daily nutrients is now a snap with Blackmores Teen Multi for Girls and Guys. Understanding that growing girls and guys have different needs, these formulations contain carefully selected vitamins and minerals in appropriate dosages for him or her.

Blackmores Malaysia Photo 2018-08-10 01:30

Kembalikan sinar dan baiki keadaan kulit anda dengan penggunaan Blackmores Natural Vitamin E Cream. Ia bukan sekadar krim pelembab kulit yang biasa, tetapi juga kaya dengan manfaat dari Vitamin E, minyak avocado, minyak aprikot dan Vitamin A!

Blackmores Malaysia Photo 2018-08-08 09:08

Still curious about how Blackmores Natural Vitamin E Cream can benefit your skin? Come and get your questions answered as we go LIVE from the Blackmores Malaysia office at 3PM with aesthetic doctor, Dr. Aren Yong (M.D. RUS, MAC) from AO Klinik Group to discuss the benefits of Vitamin E for...

Blackmores Malaysia Photo 2018-08-03 01:30

Moisturize and repair your skin with Blackmores Natural Vitamin E Cream. Formulated with the deep moisturizing and regenerative power of Vitamin E, Blackmores Natural Vitamin E Cream can help you to improve the elasticity and overall health of your skin.
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