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Bob Marley - Big up the Bob Marley Museum, which was recently | Blessings to our brothers and sisters in | 'I am happy inside, all – all of the time!'..

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Big up the Bob Marley Museum, which was recently named the winner of TripExpert's 2018 Experts' Choice Award, based on 1M+ reviews across 85 different publications!

Be sure to come visit on your next trip to the Caribbean!

Photos from Bob Marley's post - Bob Marley 2018-03-19 17:10

March 19, 1980: Bob, Jacob Miller, Junior Marvin and Chris Blackwell head to #Brazil, where they play #football with members of the Brazilian National Team, musicians @moraesmoreiraoficial and @chicobuarque, and others at Buarque's private pitch in #RioDeJaneiro! #today...

Photos from Bob Marley's post - Bob Marley 2018-03-15 17:56

The Marley Family has partnered with Chef'd to bring you some of their favorite dishes from RitaMarley, Cedella Marley, Ziggy Marley and Rohan Marley delivered straight to your door! Check it out at Food is our medicine.

House of Marley Launch Party | Philippines

House of Marley Launch Party | Philippines: Big up The House of Marley, which has just officially made its way to the #Philippines! 🇵🇭 #houseofmarley #ChampionSound
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" I was with these kids in Germany, and we had a big water-balloon fight - I'm serious - and I was so happy after the fight that I ran upstairs in their house and wrote "Speechless". Fun inspires me. I hate to say that, because it's such a romantic song. But it was the fight that did it. I was happy, and I wrote it in its entirety right there. I felt it would be good enough for the album. Out of the bliss comes magic, wonderment, and creativity." - Michael Jackson on the inspiration for "Speechless." Listen to the track here: