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Bob Marley - Perhaps the coolest audience of all time... | Today in 1970, the Wailers were on the bill | Dogs' favorite song? 'Three Little Birds'..

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Bob Marley Photo 2017-10-17 22:09

Perhaps the coolest audience of all time...

"At the Roxy in Los Angeles' Sunset Strip last spring, [Bob's] cheering audience included Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, various Eagles and Led Zeppelins, Jack Nicholson and Warren Beauty."...

Bob Marley Photo 2017-10-17 21:50

Today in 1970, the Wailers were on the bill for the "Singers' Cavalcade" at the VIP in Kingston, Jamaica! #todayinbobslife

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It's Ziggy Marley​'s Earthstrong today! Join the celebration with some live tunes from his 2017 summer tour at

Bob Marley Photo 2017-10-16 22:47

Although given to him earlier in the year, Bob was officially awarded the Order of Merit – Jamaica's third highest governmental honor – on National Heroes Day in October of 1981. #todayinbobslife

Bob Marley Video 2017-10-15 17:27

Check out Brazilian street artist Kristofer's inspiringly unique Bob Marley medley! #bobmarleycover #repost @bobmarleyarchive

Instagram Photos - Bob Marley 2017-10-14 23:09

The waterproof 💧#ChantSport from @houseofmarley is constructed by combining wood derivatives and plastic fibers. The compositing process demands far less energy than the lumbering industry. #MaterialsMatter
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Bob Marley Photo 2017-10-14 16:30

“[Bob’s] (music) is the music of a suffering mass trying to break free…. It is the natural progression of a man’s feelings and experiences set to the music of his generation…It is the music of hope and victory. It exudes positiveness.”
-Black Echoes July 24, 1976