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Mortgage Interest Rates Are Going Up… Should I Wait to Buy?

Here's a little perspective for our fear of rising rates. While interest rates are important, so are a lot of other factors that will make a loan work in your favor. Let me know if I can help structure a loan that's just right for you.

130 Hilltop Dr, Bristol, VA 24202 | MLS #393077 | Zillow

For sale: $119,500. Great updates, location and neighborhood! NO SUNDAY SHOWINGS (no exceptions; office policy). Immaculate brick & vinyl ranch style home on attractive lot! Beautiful hardwood flooring (tile in bath, kitchen, laundry); carpet in den and sunroom. A...

Where Are the Home Prices Heading in The Next 5 Years?

With home values projected to rise and rates still relatively low, refinancing might be a good financial option. Give me a call to see if this is a good time to lower your monthly house payment or leverage your home's equity to eliminate other liabilities.
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