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Who’s the snowflake? We tenured professors, that’s who | Opinion

"[P]eople in my occupation need more intellectual discomfort, challenge, and pushback...It’s engagement that makes our ideas better — and from there we professors can do a better job educating," Professor Anita Bernstein writes in advance of her panel in tonight's Free ...

Brooklyn Law School Photo 2019-03-18 15:53

At the Global Ethics Summit in New York City, Professor Heidi Brown, director of the Legal Writing Program, discussed "Championing Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Individual Strengths" with Leonard Shen, SVP-Chief Compliance Officer at Visa, and Kevin McCormack, VP...

Criminal Record Relief for Human Trafficking Survivors

‪“The fact that the majority of states receive a failing grade should be a call to action for legislatures around the country,” said Professor Kate Mogulescu, coauthor of newly released report grading states on criminal record relief laws for survivors of human trafficking. ‬

Long journey has led clarinetist to SUNY Schenectady

After applying and getting accepted to Brooklyn Law School for the third time, classical clarinetist Paul Green '78 got a call from the dean: matriculate or stop applying. Several years later, he took a job as professor at Brooklyn Law so he could free up his summers to play music. http:/...

Photos from Brooklyn Law School's post - Brooklyn Law School 2019-03-14 20:59

Fascinating discussion at 2nd Annual Brooklyn Lecture in International Business Law on “Globalization’s Wrong Turn” with speaker Dani Rodrick; roundtable discussion with Brooklyn Law Professors Julian Arato, Robin Effron, and Steven Dean, and special guests J. Benton Heath, Sanjay Reddy,...

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Amelia Dietrich Lewis ’24 has been called “one of the most tenacious lawyers the state of Arizona has ever seen.” A Brooklyn native, she practiced law in New York for 33 years. In 1957, she moved to Arizona, taking the bar examination with just one other woman, Sandra Day O’Connor. There, ...

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In a TimesTalk interview, actor Cush Jumbo, who plays Lucca Quinn on the CBS show The Good Fight, talks about her experience helping Brooklyn Law School students prepare for their first oral arguments using theater techniques in Professor Joy Kanwar's Fundamentals of Law Practice class ht...

Meet the man who creates today’s coolest hotels

Andrew Zobler ’87 was featured in the Fall 2018 Brooklyn Law Notes as one of Brooklyn Law School's "Titans of Real Estate." National Geographic now takes a look at "the man who creates today's coolest hotels":

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Brooklyn Law School students volunteered at the Miami-Dade Public Defender Office during their Alternative Spring Break Trip last week. From left, Marco Donatelli '20, Danielle Robinson '20, Carlos J. Martinez, the Public Defender for Miami-Dade County, Robert Price '20, Robert But...

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Prof. Cynthia Godsoe discusses Sex Crimes in the #MeToo Era with Dean Maryellen Fullerton at the most recent Dean's Law & Policy Series